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About Roadworks

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Roadworks builds, operate, and maintain critical infrastructure. Through our business, we contribute to the electrification of society, road safety, and sustainable infrastructure. We want to create value for our customers, our owners, and society.

Roadworks has more than 800 employees in more than 25 offices from Trøndelag to Agder and has a turnover of approximately NOK 2 billion. The group’s head office is in Grimstad. Norvestor VI L.P., a fund managed by Norvestor Equity AS, is the majority owner of Roadworks with about 80 % of the shares. Management and key employees own the rest.

Roadworks has three business areas

Electrical Infrastructure
Roadworks’ electrical business consists of subsidiary Otera. Otera Infra operates and maintains distribution and regional networks for several network companies in southern Norway. In addition, they are expanding and upgrading stations, cables, and lines. Oppland Elektro, a subsidiary of Otera Infra, works every day to improve the infrastructure of the power grid and the mobile grid throughout the country.
Otera Traftec is responsible for operating and maintaining streetlights, tunnel lights, and electrical installations along roads for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Nye Veier, counties, and municipalities. Otera Traftec also has extensive experience in smaller and larger road and tunnel light projects. 

Road safety
Roadworks delivers temporary and permanent barriers and fuses along the road through the companies Veidrift, Veisikring and Bærum Asfalt. We contribute to safer roads with work warnings and temporary barriers, signs and portals, guardrails and steel railings, concrete railings, bridge railings, and various safety solutions. In addition, we provide services in bridge maintenance and concrete rehabilitation. We also perform technical excavation and asphalting in Eastern Norway.

Roadworks’ subsidiary KF Entreprenør carries out projects within construction and rehabilitation for public and private clients, mainly in Eastern Norway. The company has extensive experience and expertise in complex rehabilitation and construction projects for state and municipal developers. In addition, KF Entreprenør also develop medium-sized apartment buildings.

Health, Safety, and Environment

At Roadworks, we work towards a vision that unwanted incidents can be avoided. Targeted work with health, environment, and safety ensures a health-promoting workplace with healthy and motivated employees. More importantly, for all our employees to return home safely after the end of the working day.

The companies in Roadworks should be a sought-after workplace that recruits and develops skilled women and men. We work for an inclusive working life with diversity, dignity, and equality.

Our employees and managers are entrepreneurs who want to become better and more efficient. Systems and digitization will contribute to added value for the customer, simpler working days for our employees, and better decisions. To manage this, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions and digital tools, and we also develop digital systems to support operations.

Corporate social responsibility

Roadworks runs the business responsibly and sustainably. We develop and maintain critical infrastructure, and ensure access to reliable, sustainable, and clean energy. We also contribute to the electrification of Norway and increased traffic safety. We continuously seek to reduce damage and negative impact on the environment, and we will contribute to reducing emissions and pollution as well as consumption and waste.

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Thomas Ellingsen

Konsernsjef | CEO
Roadworks AS

Hasseldalen 3
4878 Grimstad

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